ACS Anchor Solutions provides Sales Account Management services across a wide range of industries. We know that no two business’ are alike and tailor our approaches accordingly. We’ve got experience across a range of different industries; because of that, we’ve know what we’re doing. However, we do know that testimonials can make a major difference when it comes to making decisions.

Luckily, we’ve got a few amazing clients who are more than happy to speak about our services. Need something more than written testimonials? We’d be more than happy to try to arrange a call between you and one of our clients to talk about what we do. We know you won’t be disappointed.


Kauza Testimonials

I decided to partner with ACS Anchor Solutions after meeting their team of exceptional multilingual Account managers, and seeing how they operate and get results. After speaking to the Business Development Manager at a local business event, I was unsure that I would achieve a return on my investment (I had never seen a sales approach like that previously).

Instead of trying to convince me over the phone or by email after our initial meeting, they invited me to visit their offices in Cork to see first hand how they operate on a day to day basis and I was very impressed with the dedication and professionalism that was displayed, I signed up on the spot! Since I began my project (which is still ongoing) they have continued to impress me. I am provided with daily updates and the communication channels are always open.

So far, I am extremely pleased so far with the progress of the project, Local and international interest and sales of our products that we have obtained through the excellent work carried out by ACS Anchor Solutions. I have no doubt their work will boost our international sales to the level that we are striving to achieve across Europe. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending ACS Anchor Solutions to any company who wish to enhance or begin their international sales projects, they really know what they are doing!

Alex Chernenko – Kauza

We’re extremely grateful to the clients that have provided testimonials for us. We’ll be updating here on as regular basis as we get more and more testimonials. Be sure to check back soon. Need more than our word for it? Then get in touch and we’ll arrange a call between you and one of our clients. So what’s stopping you from giving us a call?