Referrals are the bread and butter for any business no matter how big or small they are. The fact remains that we will trust the opinion of someone we know and their experience of a particular company. A lot of people in business believe that asking for referrals is just plain wrong. This article will let you know exactly why they’re not only important, but also essential to keep your business thriving.

Why Are Referrals So Important?

Referrals are the engine of every business. Once an introduction is made and there is a genuine interest in what you do, then the gig is nearly won. We are not saying that you do not need to work to win over a potential client, however it’s much easier when you have been introduced by a customer who already knows that you’re brilliant.

So, When Is The Right Time To Ask For Referrals?

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Well, that depends on the individual and you will have to use your own judgement here. I have found that the best time to ask for referrals is during the closing of my initial deal with a client.

I always prepare my clients on this upfront and let them know that I will come looking for some referrals once they’re happy with the service that I provide.

In my case some people might want to wait to see how I perform during the training I give, or if I can help increase their sales turnover before they start providing referrals. However, many clients are happy to refer us on to their network while we sign the contract. I have found that people generally like to help others out.

But, How Do I Ask Someone For A Referral?

Ah, here is the thing! This is the easy part; all you have to do is simply ask! I know this can be daunting, but the biggest thing I have learned is that it is essential! Ask yourself, if you need to avail of a service, do you generally ask your friends and colleagues for advice? I know that I do! Just make sure that you are the service that your friends and colleagues are talking about! Remember that old saying, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’

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