Getting into a retailer is one thing; getting people to buy the product is something else entirely. And that’s where we can help you shine. As an additional service, we offer competitive, and affordable, marketing support and brand awareness for SMEs that need that extra nudge in the right direction.

Our brand awareness and marketing support teams are specialists in creating visibility for products, while ensuring it works for you. So why not consider how we can help you? We’re more than happy to talk you through how we can help. Stand out from the crowd a little bit more.

Brand Awareness

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But what is it exactly that we’re offering? As we all know, visibility is one of the keys to success, and that comes in a number of ways.

First up is getting your product in retailers – which we’re experts in – but the second is getting it seen by your key demographics.

This is where our Social Media specialists come in, with one having an Instagram account followed by 300,000 people.

Our team get your product seen by tens of thousands of people, while ensuring that all product placement is tailored to your product and business.

How you’re seen is as much a priority as who is seeing it. Getting it done right is always at the forefront of what we do.

SEO & Marketing Support

Brand Awareness SEO Digital Marketing Support

The next step is getting your product – and website – as easy to find as possible. Our marketing team are specialists in getting your website as highly listed as possible on search engines.

They’ll work with you so that your website is highly-optimised for SEO, while retaining your brands voice and tone.

Included is an analysis of your chosen competitors website, as well as your own, to see where you can improve and what you need to be working on.

If your website isn’t working for you, why have it? Our in-depth SEO audits can point out exactly where you need to improve. This is done alongside a comparison of how you rank compared to competitors.

On top of this, we also provide a range of different marketing support services, such as brochure design, advice on marketing materials, and anything else you need.