At ACS Anchor Solutions, we’re always looking for people to partner with us. We’re experts in bringing products into Europe, while creating extensive business relationships between manufacturers and key retailers. If you’re looking to break into the European market, then look no further; you’ll find nobody better equipped to bring you there.

Why Partner With Us

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We’re the market leaders in Sales Account Management; in a nutshell, we’re the experts at creating sustainable markets across Europe on behalf of our clients.

Instead of cold-calling, we work hand-in-hand with all of our partners to ensure that they’re represented the way they want to be represented.

Since our inception, we’ve built hundreds of relationships with key decision-makers across a range of different industries.

If you’re planning on breaking into Europe, we’re the perfect people to get you there. So what’s stopping you from expanding your market?

Where We’ve taken Our Partners

So far, we’ve taken our partners across the entirety of Europe, but we do have extensive experience working in several countries. While we’re the market leaders in sales account management, and bringing products to market across Europe, we’re specialists when it comes to certain countries. Our multi-cultural team are experts in bringing products to:


The U.K;







Spain; &


Like we said, they’re not the only countries that we have experience with. Quite the opposite, in fact. However, everyone has their specialities. Ours just so happens to be with the countries we mentioned. Not see where you’re looking to go? Then why not give us a call and see how we could bring your business where you want to go?

Industries We Specialise In

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We’ve covered a broad range of industries with the companies who partner with us. Because of that, not only are we experienced in bringing products to Europe, but we’ve extremely experienced across a range of specific industries.

Most notably, we’ve built up a number of key contacts in retailers across:

The Pharmaceutical Industry;

The Food Supplement/Health Food Industry;

The Alcoholic & Soft Drink Industries;

The Home Decor/Accessory Industry; &

The Cosmetics Industry.

Of course, we’re extremely capably of bringing other products to market, and we’re always looking to diversify. However, we’re actively looking for companies from the above industries to partner with us. We’re just itching to get going with them, so what’s stopping you from having a chat with us about getting your product across Europe? If you need some more proof of how good we are at what we do, you can check out some of our testimonials.