We get tonnes of questions all the time about sales, with many of them centering around one thing; how to nail your sales pitch. It can be a pretty difficult thing to do, especially for people who are just starting out. Convincing strangers to buy your products or services can be an art form.

How To Nail Your Sales Pitch

How To Nail Your Sales Pitch | ACS Anchor Solutions Ltd

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t master it. It’s pretty much agreed that there are a few things that should always be a part of your sales pitch. Many of these can be obvious, and others you mightn’t have thought of. However, that doesn’t make them any more or less important.

Be Genuine

This is the most obvious one, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it some thought. It’s many peoples’ natural inclination to be genuine, but when you’ve so much information to get across, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Take a breather and be yourself. Potential customers aren’t just buying your product or service; they’re buying you.

Find The Tension

Many potential customers – especially if you’re working in B2B – have some form of tension or drama. Your job as a salesperson is to find that tension and use it. After all, you’re selling them a solution to a problem. For example, when we pitch to potential clients, we find the markets where they can improve and expand upon and tailor our pitch to that. Find the problem that needs to be fixed, and tailor your pitch to that. Asking open questions is always great for that.

Use Your Own Experiences

Let’s say you were bringing a product to a country you were unfamiliar with. When you started, you ran into some walls that you should’ve known about. However, after pulling back and re-evaluating, you were able to find some way to get to where you needed to go.

It mightn’t make you look the best if you told that story to potential clients, but using that as a lesson – and showing them the lesson you learned – adds that important element to your pitch; it shows that we’re all human, and we all make mistakes.

Leave Them Wanting More

Finishing off your sales pitch is crucial; it’s what they’re going to remember you by. That’s why it’s always important to leave them wanting more, and leaving them ready to sign on the dotted line. The importance of leaving them wanting to talk to you more – and close – can’t be said enough.

So there we go, some of our best tips on How To Nail Your Sales Pitch. What are your tips? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn! You can also subscribe to our Newsletter to get more tips and advice on sales and business development.

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