As the saying goes, no man is an island. And the same can be said for businesses. They need strong, healthy relationships in order to strive; without them, your business will flounder. One of the keys to business success if forming a thriving relationship with suppliers, employees, customers and other contacts. Putting effort into these relationships will make them thrive, helping your business prosper. Here’s how quality business relationships can make or break your business.

Quality Business Relationships Create Loyalty

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Most customers prefer doing business with companies that they already know and like. It’s the same for any relationship; the more someone likes you (or your business) the more they’ll want to see you (or do business with you).

This relationship-building also extends to the likes of vendors and suppliers; the more liked your business is throughout your contacts, the easier it is to actually do business.

When it comes to making an online purchase, many customers are leery of dealing with a business they do not know nor trust.

They will be much more willing to place an order with the company that they have developed a relationship with. Make sure that you are that company. That’s where the likes of quality customer service comes in, which also applies to your suppliers and contacts.

Positive Business Relationships Increase Employee Happiness

While it is important to create positive relationships outside of your organization, it is also vital to nurture healthy and respectful relationships within your company. By developing a strong working alliance with your employees–and creating an atmosphere and culture conducive to developing a strong sense of teamwork – you will be able to increase morale, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Employee retention should be a goal for all employers, and making sure that your employees are happy increases their chances of staying with you. The best way to sustain their happiness is by creating, and sustaining, these relationships. There’s also the fact that employees talk to people, unofficially in normal day-to-day interactions as well as officially on behalf of your company. Foster a positive relationship inside the company and it will show outside the company.

Quality Relationships Create Word Of Mouth

If a customer, or supplier etc, have a positive relationship with your company, they’re more than likely to end up recommending your company to other potential customers or business contacts. Not only does your business look good in the eyes of current customers and contacts, but also in the eyes of future customers. There’s also the flip side of this coin. If you’re business is badly, not only will you lose people, and some of their friends/family.

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