We’ve talked before about how important client relationships are to a business. But how do you improve and maintain your business relationships? Saying relationships are the heart of business success and actually prioritizing relationships are two totally different things.

Sadly, entrepreneurs and business owners like to spend all of their time and energy on things like social media, productivity hacks, advertising techniques, etc. These can all be helpful little elements, but their value begins to pale when you look at them within the context of the bigger picture.

That bigger picture is actually connecting with people. You can try all of the social media and advertising hacks you want, but connecting with people on a personal level will go a whole lot further. But how do you do that?

Face-To-Face Is Better Than Digital

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Emails and social media posts can help spread some awareness, but that’s about it. To actually connect with people, you need to actually talk to them.

Over the phone is helpful, but face-to-face is the best you can possibly do. Obviously, this mightn’t be possible all the time, especially if you’re in B2B or eCommerce.

However, the likes of Skype help a tonne with those situations. After all, everyone likes to put a face to a name, so why not go that extra mile?

Respect Your Clients’ Time

As business-people, time is one of the most valuable things we have. And in order to keep client relationships healthy, we need to make sure that nobody’s wasting anyone else’s time. Sure, you can tell a client to drop in anytime, but without setting a day or time, you could end up being in the middle of something and have to make them wait.

It’s a small thing, but making sure you have time for your client, and having the time when you both agree, sets the tone for your entire relationship. The best way to not waste time? Make sure you book times that suit you and your clients.

Keep Your Client Relationships Transparent

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Your client relationships all depend on mutual trust and communication.

Sure, we’d all love to give amazing results to our clients constantly, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Mistakes can happen, and sometimes results aren’t what we expected them to be.

Communicate with your clients on an ongoing basis, and be as transparent as possible. Your relationship will thrive because of it.

Set Mutual Goals

You and your client have to be on the same page constantly. If you’re not, then problems will arise. Sometimes, you will have your goals and your client will have theirs. The solution to this common issue is to set mutual goals from the very beginning.

As soon as you start a new project with a client, sit down together — face to face, preferably — and come up with mutual goals. This puts you both on the same page and gives you something to point to later on when challenges arise.

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