For many new businesses, it can seem like there are too many things to take care of before you become successful. This can leave many things put onto the back-burner because they’re not deemed important enough. A sales funnel can be one of them. Either it’s not seen as important enough, or people don’t know how to create a sales funnel.

And because of that, many businesses lose out on, well, business. That’s why it’s important to know how to create a sales funnel; at the end of the day, it can have a pretty sizable effect on your bottom line.

But What Is A Sales Funnel?

How To Create A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel shouldn’t be confuse with a sales pipeline; they’re similar, but different.

A sales pipeline – which you can read more about in our beginner’s guide to sales pipeline management – is a sales strategy, whereas a sales funnel is a marketing strategy.

You sales funnel is essentially what it sounds like. You’re creating a funnel to create leads and nurture sales.

A sales funnel works by attracting potential customers with free or very-low-cost items, and then convincing these potential customers to sign up on your newsletter etc.

When you have their contact information, you can start to build a relationship with them, ensuring that when they’re ready to make a purchase, they come to you. Offering your potential customers a range of products at different prices helps build up their trust, eventually making it easier for them to invest in your higher-priced items or services.

How To Create A Sales Funnel

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There are a few steps that you’d need to take in order to create an effective sales funnel.

The first is to create an amazing landing page; this is where your potential customers will get their first impressions of your business, so you need to make sure it’s pitch perfect.

Creating a kickass landing page is not as easy as you think and this part of the jigsaw is where most businesses fail.

A landing page needs to be slick while informing the reader immediately what the message is using carefully crafted titles and sentences.

If your landing page is clumsy and not optimized, don’t expect to get much information. The next step is to drive traffic to it. And this is where things get a little more complex, as there are tonnes of ways to do this.

Currently, one of the most effective way to to this is with social media. With the use of targeted ad campaigns, as well as quality content, you can drive tonnes of traffic to your landing page. There’s also the likes of PPC campaigns and email marketing in order to further generate leads.

These lead generation campaigns should get you all of the information you need about your potential customers. Essentially, you’re looking for contact information in order for you to close the sale. Once you have that, it’s on to the final step; contacting your potential customers and actually making the sale.

Now that we’ve gone through how to create a sales funnel, what are your tips? What has or hasn’t worked for you? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn! You can also subscribe to our Newsletter to get more tips and advice on sales and business development.

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