Sales Account Management may not be a term that you’re overly familiar with. But it’s a term that describes what we at ACS Anchor Solutions Ltd do pretty accurately. And we do it exceptionally well, if we say so ourselves. After all, we wouldn’t call ourselves sales account management experts if we couldn’t back it up.

ACS Anchor Solutions Ltd - Professional Sales Account Management Services Ireland

Our entire company is based around providing boutique sales solutions to SMEs. Keeping it short and sweet, we help improve lead generation and B2B sales. Don’t get us wrong, though; we’re not Telemarketers, quite the opposite.

Instead of creating short term sales, we’re market leaders in creating and improving relationships between product developers/manufacturers and retailers. We’re the people who help you grow your market effectively.

Our team has years of experience developing sales funnels and lead generation across a range of different industries, and at all business levels, from health food supplements to apps and baking. And who doesn’t love a good cake? We’ve helped companies at local, national and international levels, all while providing an unrivalled customer service, both for our clients, and on their behalf.

All of this comes with some of the best customer service on offer; we know that outsourcing your sales can be a risky move, but we’ll walk you through everything to make sure that it’s the best decision for you. And that level of service will continue throughout our entire relationship.

At ACS Anchor Solutions Ltd, we’re the market leader in sales account management, and we’re positive that we can work directly with you in order to deliver high-quality sales solutions for your business. So pick up the phone. Or email us. We promise we don’t bite. We’re always on hand to have a chat about how we can help you.